Gingrich: I Meant Padilla, Not Shoe Bomber

As you've heard,  Newt Gingrich committed a gaffe yesterday when he opined that the Mirandizing of the Christmas Day bomb plotter under Obama was different from the Mirandizing of the shoe bomber under Bush because the latter was "an American citizen."

The shoe bomber, as it happens, was a British subject, and today on Twitter, Gingrich admitted his mistake, claiming he'd actually meant to refer not to the shoe bomber, but to Jose Padilla.

If anything, though, this explanation makes Gingrich seem more confused, rather than less.

Yesterday, asked by Jon Stewart why it was okay to Mirandize Richard Reid but not the Christmas Day plotter, Gingrich replied: "Richard Reid was an American citizen." Called out on his mistake, Gingrich Tweeted this afternoon:...