First Thoughts on the Health Care Summit

I had to do a bloggingheads this morning, so I'm just tuning into the health care summit after an hour absence.  For the first time, I'm starting to think that this has been a mistake for the administration.  It seemed like a good way to lay out the parts of the plan that people like, and try to make the Republicans look obstructionist.  And indeed, people are getting in a lot of good complaints about the health care system.

The problem is, Republicans also get to reiterate their complaints--and the polls seem to indicate that their complaints have resonated with the American public.  When they complain about things like the Cornhusker kickback, Obama is in the hard position of either denigrating Democrats in Congress, defending the indefensible, or ignoring the complaint.  That doesn't make him look good.

But I've missed an hour of it, so maybe that was the part where the Democrats made a more persuasive case.