A GOP Senate Majority In 2010?

2010 looks to be a good year for Republicans--but how good?

they are expected to make gains in both the House and Senate, though it appears an outright majority in the upper chamber will be a nearly impossible task: Hotline OnCall's Reid Wilson breaks down the races Republicans will have to win, and finds that they'll need to capitalize on every advantage--or specter of advantage--to actually take over the Senate this election cycle.

The GOP will have to go undefeated in the races where it's favored outright (Delaware and North Dakota), the Democratic open seats (Illinois and Indiana), the endangered Democratic veterans (Nevada and Arkansas), the races with Democratic primary challengers (Pennsylvania and Colorado), and the long-shot races (California and Connecticut), Wilson writes--all while protecting its own vulnerable seats (New Hampshire, Kentucky, Missouri, and Ohio).

See Wilson's full post here.