What Liberals Didn't Like Obama's Speech? The PCCC.

The Progressive Campaign Change Committee has aggressively hit Democrats and the White House since health care took a turn for the not-so-progressive, with the Senate bill coming to dominate the terms of any upshot of reforms, and then with the process falling apart post-Massachusetts, at least while Democrats figure out what they're going to do. In keeping with those open, pro-public-option hostilities, the PCCC released the harshest statement on Obama's speech of any progressive:

"It was, frankly, a boring speech -- a rehashed call for bipartisanship when America wants to see a fighter. It's tough to get inspired by a Democratic President who refuses to fight for popular policies like the public option and instead adopts tired Republican talking points on issues like offshore drilling and tax cuts," said PCCC Co-founder Aardon Swartz.

As noted here, liberal bloggers liked the president's speech, praising its oratory effect and getting excited about his pledge to work with Congress and the military on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

Although Arianna Huffington shares the PCCC viewpoint: "My concern, Larry, was that the speech felt as if it has been focus group tested within an inch of its life. There was a little bit of everything for everyone," Huffington told Larry King in a post-speech interview on CNN.