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During the final weeks of the Massachusetts Senate race, you couldn't troll the Web for Scott Brown news without digging up his notorious Cosmo cover. Now, Slate news aggregator "The Slatest" reports that Brown's wife--a reporter for Boston-based WCVB-TV--appeared in a 1984 Digney Fignus music video "playing the part of a bikini-clad 'woman with a curious hand.'"

The video (and explanatory stills) made the Huffington Post's front page. Liberal bloggers, still smarting from the election upset, continue to get their jabs in at Brown and family. Gawker asserts that "hastily-elected political upstarts are the only kind of politician worth having, in terms of embarrassing detritus they forgot to scrub from the internet." Unfortunately for the left-wing blogosphere, the embarrassment isn't sticking.

  • Not So Subtle  Mediaite's Tommy Christopher calls out the Huffington Post for posting the video with no real intended purpose: "I just think if you're going to be trashy, you ought to go about it with some flair, some imagination. All they're doing is saying "LOOK!"" Christopher goes on to slam the Post for dancing around the poin of their post, "which I think is that she's a Republican wife, so she's a hypocrite for being sexy."
  • We Hear You Loud And Clear  The Daily Caller sarcastically notes: "Remember, as you watch it, this is supposed to make you like him and his family less."
  • Can You Be More Pathetic? scolds SistahToldjah. "To Tuesday's sore losers: Brown won. You lost. Leave his family alone and get over it."
  • Hypocrisy Abounds  Stop the ACLU mocks the left-wings willingness to dismiss John Edward's philandering but fixate on right-wing sex scandals. "I'm convinced. Scott Brown is not qualified to be a U.S. Senator. Next thing you know, we'll find out that he had sex. With his wife!"

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