Transcript Breakdown: Sarah Palin Ends Exhausting Week With Hannity

Palin rounds off her grand Fox News tour, and the Wire caps off its last breakdown--for now

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If you aren't tired of Sarah Palin after this week, you have a lot to look forward to in her career as a Fox News contributor. After swinging by Bill O'Reilly's show for a light grilling, and swapping Statue of Liberty trivia with Glenn Beck, she paid a visit to Sean Hannity on Thursday night. Their conversation was by far the wonkiest of the three.

The highlights from what we hope is the last installment after a long, exhausting, Palin-filled week.

On Collegiality

HANNITY: I guess we're colleagues now.
PALIN: We're teammates. Here we go.

On the Massachusetts Race

PALIN: I would love to be able to at some point interview Senator Brown. I anticipate victory there. But even if he doesn't win, already, poll numbers showing that his message is resonating. And his message is common sense conservative values, principles, solutions being plugged in to meet the challenges facing America today.

On Palin's New Career and 2012

PALIN: First, you know, I said forever what would America do without FOX News? This is where you will get fair and balanced reporting and analysis of the issues that are so important to all of us. But, you know, I'm not going to close any doors for my future, for my family's future, don't know what's in the future or what it holds...

On the Republican Platform

HANNITY: Would this be the platform -- be the party of national security. You don't negotiate without preconditions with holocaust deniers, the party of fiscal integrity, balanced budgets, eliminate earmarks, the party of energy independence, I know you'd support that. Free market solutions for health care and education. Is it that simple?

PALIN: It is that simple.

HANNITY: It is that simple.

PALIN: It is that simple. The establishment, the politicos, they want to complicate things.

On Harry Reid's "Negro" Remark

PALIN: Tough to defend those statements. And that type of thinking that is quite foreign to so many of us who would not judge someone -- have any kind of criteria based on skin tone.

HANNITY: What would the reaction be if Sarah Palin said that?

PALIN: Or Sean Hannity. Absolutely. You get clobbered if you say such a thing.

HANNITY: Clobbered. Probably be even fired.

PALIN: Well.

On the Subjects Sarah Palin's Future Shows

PALIN: Energy independence, what I would like to focus on for our children, I want to find real role models. I want to find those who should be our celebrities, those who we would be proud, Sean, for our children to be able to look up to and say I want to be like that person.

That person who maybe would never be in a spotlight but they work hard to put food on the table for their family. They're selfless, they're helping others, they are compassionate. They have a strong, strong work ethic.

I want to find those people across America. I want to profile them and I want to say kids, you can be like that person because this is America.

HANNITY: So in other words, you would do profiles on great Americans that we never hear about every day?

PALIN: Absolutely. Absolutely. Yes, real, real "American Idols".
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