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Republican Newt Gingrich is reviving an old favorite--the Contract with America. Some may recall his party's 1994 contract of the same name. Others may remember his 2007 contract--of the same name. Now, in the February issue of Newsmax, Gingrich has penned a new, "New Contract with America" in hopes of steering the GOP back to power in 2010:

I believe there would be a lot of advantages in October to having a contract-centered campaign if the House Republicans can work their way to a serious, collective, positive commitment.

Gingrich sums up that commitment in 10 simple goals Republicans should embark on:

  1. Jobs, jobs, jobs
  2. Balance the budget
  3. An American energy plan
  4. Congressional appropriations reform
  5. Litigation reform
  6. Real health reform
  7. Every child gets ahead
  8. Protect religious liberty
  9. Protect Americans, not the rights of terrorists
  10. Defending America is job one for government

But wait! There's more. Gingrich's conservative peers also think a new contract is a good idea--just not his. Last weekend, Dick Armey, the head of FreedomWorks, hosted a group of Tea Party activists in DC to draft the "Contract For America." It's designed to create "the biggest tent around economic conservatism as possible," according to Ryan Hecker, a drafter of the piece who spoke with Politico.

If that's not hip enough for you, Matt Lewis, a conservative contributor for Politics Daily, has one too--"Contract with America Version 2.0." His 10-point plan is decidedly more snazzy sounding:

1. The American Health Care Act
2. The e-Congress Act
3. The Limited Government and Transparency Act
4. The Energy Independence Now Act
5. The Strong National Defense Act:
6. Secure Our Borders Act
7. The Free Campaign Speech and Workplace Act
8. The Science and Final Frontiers Act
9. The Savings for the Future Act
10. The Educate America Act

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