The Invisible Primary, 1/27

Tracking the GOP race to 2012

Eric Cantor said he hopes there will be no Joe-Wilson-esque outbursts at tonight's State of the Union address; in the next three months, Tim Pawlenty will speak at events in North Carolina, Missouri, and Dallas, at CPAC and a Susan B. Anthony List fundraiser in DC, and the Southern Republican Leadership Conference; Sarah Palin was asked whether it's Mitt Romney's "turn" to be the GOP's presidential candidate (Palin said it's not "anybody's turn"); Palin also declined to appear in an ad for the outdoor brand Weatherproof; Chris Cillizza remembers Bobby Jindal's panned State of the Union response speech from last year, as Bob McDonnell has a chance to catapult himself into the upper strata of GOP stardom (VP contender?) with his own response tonight; and Mike Pence said House Republicans will approach Obama's speech with "an open mind, not with an empty mind."