RNC Staff Displeased With Steele?

Conservative columnist James Richardson talks to Republican National Committee staffers and finds that they're not too pleased with the distractions Chairman Michael Steele has brought upon them--in fact, that they say Steele is "making the job harder" for his RNC employees.

Discontent with Steele has grown within the GOP's ranks along with an impression that Steele is a veritable gaffe machine. Most recently, some Republicans were upset that Steele authored a book and has promoted it while serving as chairman, then claimed he'd written it before he became chairman (a claim that has been disputed).

Here are the two highlight quotes from Richardson's story: one senior RNC official says staff has to "divert attention from getting out message out to placating party officials...it's all about the 168 [RNC voting members"; another staffer says that "our own legal department didn't know [about the book]. If you didn't tell us about this, what else do we not know?"