If you liked "Going Rogue," or at least all the fanfare around it, you're in luck: Sarah Palin says she'll write another book at some point. In a Q&A with Fox fans earlier this week, Palin was asked whether she'll write another book soon. She responded: "I loved writing a book - I've always loved writing. It's just been a part of me -- keeping journals for my entire life, penning whatever I could, whenever I could. And I will do another one."

Another tidbit that came out of the session: Palin's favorite book is Doris Kearns Goodwin's  "Team of Rivals," the widely acclaimed chronicle of Abraham Lincoln's leadership style and political team.

A lot of media attention has been given to Palin's reading habits, ever since she wouldn't tell Katie Couric what newspapers she prefers during the fateful interview series that introduced her to much of the American public. Liberal bloggers snickered at her after she recalled, in "Going Rogue," being being a voracious reader as a child and listed favorites that included George Orwell's "Animal Farm" and John Steinbeck's "The Pearl."

Asked what her favorite book is during the Fox Q&A, Palin responded, "'Team of Rivals,' by Doris Kearns Goodwin ... how Lincoln formed his team as he administered the policies that helped to secure the union and win the war. Goodwin did an amazing job of research and compilation of so much information. I love that book."

Ironically, it's a book that Palin's chief Democratic target, President Obama, has used to inform his own leadership style: as Obama welcomed members of the Clinton political world into his administration during the post-election transition process, he cited the book to explain his thinking, and "Team of Rivals" became a descriptor of Obama's own nascent team as he got ready to assume the White House.

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