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Keith Olbermann is no stranger to the verbal smackdown. The MSNBC pundit has made a habit of ripping right-wing figures in creative and verbose ways. Last week, he delivered this stinger on Rush Limbaugh and Pat Roberston's negative comments about the Haiti earthquake: "You serve no good. You serve no God."

Apparently, however, even Olbermann can go bigger, and he did so Monday night in a savage kneecapping of Scott Brown, the Republican candidate in the special election for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat in Massachusetts. Pushed beyond anger by the possibility of Brown upsetting Democrat Martha Coakley, Olbermann dropped an 81-second tirade punctuated by three sentences of television gold. The first sentence alone left Olbermann breathless, as if he were barely able to fit so many negative comments into a single utterance.

In short, in Scott Brown we have an irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, Tea Bagging supporter of violence against women, and against politicians with whom he disagrees.  In any other time in our history, this man would have been laughed off the stage as an unqualified and a disaster in the making by the most conservative of conservatives.  Instead, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is close to sending this bad joke to the Senate of the United States.

UPDATE: See Olbermann throw gasoline on the fire here

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