Obama's Audio Call For Martha Coakley

President Obama has recorded an audio message that will be distributed to tens of thousands of HIS voters in Massachusetts. In the call, first reported by The Plum Line, the president stresses that the fate of health care reform might well come down to the 60th vote that Coakley would provide. He also says that Coakley is aligned with his agenda -- important here, because health care is popular with Obama voters who don't support Coakley -- and Obama is popular with, ahem, Obama voters who don't support Coakley. Audio here: POTUS Robocall.wav  Combined with the e-mail appeal that was distributed to more than 100,000 Massachusetts Democrats yesterday, Coakley's team hope that they can peel off a chunk of the Obama Party. (There are no plans yet to send Obama to Massachusetts, although doing so would almost certainly help, given the profile of the voters Coakley needs to attract.)