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John Edwards was identified earlier this week as the most unpopular man in the history of opinion polling. And he seems determined to hold on to that title. In a statement to the Today Show, John Edwards admitted to fathering a child with his former mistress Rielle Hunter. "I am Quinn's father," he begins. "It was wrong for me ever to deny she was my daughter and hopefully one day, when she understands, she will forgive me." Edwards had previously said it wasn't "possible that this child could be mine" even after confirming his affair with Hunter in 2008. Why did Edwards wait until now?

  • It's Complicated, explains Harrison Hickman, Edwards’ personal adviser and close friend:  "There were a lot of people involved. There are a lot of adults involved, there are a number of families involved, and there are also a lot of kids involved... He’s doing this as a way … to begin to put this behind, not just him, but everybody else who’s been affected by this."
  • No It's Not, writes Michelle Malkin: Edwards is preempting the publicity wave that will hit next month when a tell-all book by Andrew Young, a longtime aide to Mr. Edwards, is released. The New York Times' Jeff Zeleny agrees. Young's books is going to "lay out the entire story," writes Zeleny. Young had previously said the child was his.

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