Meek Captures A Rescue On His iPhone  Not embeddable, but worth watching. A two-year-old girl is rescued from the rubble by the Miami-Dade Urban Search and Rescue Team. She survived. Rep. Kendrick Meek was there to observe, and he captured the moment with his iPhone -- a technological/political first of sorts.

Meek is the Congressman who represents more Haitian-Americans than any other; he is in Haiti trying to do what he can to help out. In the interest of disclosure, Meek is running for the Senate in Florida. He also bought his own ticket to the Dominican Republic, hitched a ride to the border, went to the country without an entourage. He is a former state trooper in Florida, and so he has some skills that will prove useful.

And I will point out, without judgment, that he is raising his profile among Floridians, many of whom do not know who he is -- particularly in Central Florida and North Florida. This is to say that Meek may well be associated with the Haitian rescue efforts for the rest of the campaign, and so it is in his interest to make sure that the federal government does all it can to help -- not just as a human or as congressman, but as a politician.