Mass. Hysteria

Stu Rothenberg: "If you are looking for an analogy for a Republican victory in Massachusetts, the best one for Democrats may well be the stock market crash of 1929. Come Tuesday night, you could have Democrats jumping out windows and off roofs ..."

Donna Brazille on "Good Morning America:" "There's no question that Mr. Brown had the momentum going into the final days of the campaign, but it stalled over the last couple of days. I think Martha will pick up the steam today, turn out her voters. The Demcorats have the apparatus. We can win this race today...We will win, George."

John Zogby on Hannity's radio show: "She (Coakley) ran a horrible race. She was very arrogant and very stand-offish. With that said, it's ultimately a referendum on the president, and at this point the president couldn't bow out...I'm gonna tell you I think Coakley's gonna win,  just barely, by one or less."...