Kaiser Denies Funding Anti-Health-Reform Ads

After National Journal's Peter H. Stone reported yesterday that health insurers, through their trade association America's Health Insurance Plans, contributed money to the Chamber of Commerce to fund anti-health-reform ads, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan disputes the story, saying it obtained written agreement from AHIP that any funds it gave to the trade group would only be used for positive advertising, and that AHIP says it honored that commitment.

Spokesman John Nelson said, in an email, "...National Journal's sources were incorrect, Kaiser Permanente did not provide funding in any way for the Chamber advertising campaign.  When we provided funds to AHIP last year, we insisted, and AHIP agreed in writing, that our funds could only be used for positive advertising in support of passing health reform.  We have confirmed with AHIP this evening that it honored that commitment, and none of Kaiser Permanente's funds were used to support this advertising campaign."