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AUTHOR: Erick Erickson, chief of conservative blog Redstate

TOPIC: Exposé into the secret, murderous, real lives of East-coast liberals

HOW LIBS REALLY START THEIR DAY: "Have drivers whisk them off to their studio or out of Adams-Morgan into downtown DC where they hang out with other fashionable liberals who, unlike me, think Jimmy Choo is a shoe manufacturer and not, a I thought, a Chinese restaurant"

HOW LIBS REALLY UNWIND: "They talk about what's in the New York Times Magazine and on its front page. They gossip about who isn't sleeping with Maureen Dowd anymore. They go to wine country in France, tie the latest J. Crew sweater around their neck because Michelle does, and otherwise live in an insular world of group think."

WHAT LIBS REALLY HATE: "The last thing anyone wants to do at the next party at the Met or Sally Quinn's house is mention the latest liberal friend in rehab or that maybe their group think on conservatives is shallow, self-serving, and vain."

LIBS SECRET FAVORITE PUNDITS: Moderate David Gergen and conservative David Frum, paradoxically

LIBS AND THEIR SILLY SCIENCE: "The majority of Americans who realize global warming is a scam are pooh-poohed as ignorant because all the guys at Brown, Harvard, and Vassar say so."

EVIDENCE OF SECRET MEDIA BIAS ONLY ERICKSON KNOWS ABOUT: "I cannot tell you the number of reporters at major networks and newspapers who will, in private moments, admit there is a real bias."


Sarah Palin is disdained because she had a Down Syndrome child and all the forty something first time moms dropping their kids off (assuming it's not the nanny doing it) at Birch Wathen Lenox, Trinity, and Dwight before going to work at their six-figure jobs know that smart women abort Down Syndrome babies -- there's a great clinic in SoHo where you can shop fashionably after the baby is chopped up and sucked out.

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