How David Shuster Lied To Get Me To Appear On MSNBC

Today is the day that I have been invited to go on MSNBC for the very first time.  At no point during the ACORN story was I put on the hot seat to defend the work of James O'Keefe.  My thesis from day one has been that the mainstream media is biased in favor of the left and MSNBC is its most obvious case study.

So when MSNBC led the charge on Tuesday against James O'Keefe when he and three others were arrested in New Orleans at Senator Landrieu's office, it came as no surprise that the cable network seized upon a narrative that presumed O'Keefe's guilt, falsely extrapolated that he was being charged with felony wiretapping and instantaneously coined and repeated endlessly the new buzz phase, "Watergate Jr."

Thus it came as no surprise to me that Keith Olbermann's super sub, David Shuster, called me early Wednesday.  "Watergate Jr." pushed MSNBC to send Shuster down to New Orleans to own the destruction-by-media of James O'Keefe and anyone in his proximity.  I immediately told Shuster that I had been getting emails...