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Last time the Atlantic Wire wrote about blogger Charles Johnson, we had a brush with trolls. Johnson--a popular blogger who publicly deserted the right--has hordes of detractors, as Jonathan Dee chronicles in the New York Times Magazine. When we referred to him as "conservative," Johnson's enemies poured onto the page, suggesting we "seek psychiatric help."

The Times piece has fanned the flames of the longstanding feud. 
  • New York Times Not Entirely Accurate, complains Johnson, who offers his own "fact-checking" on author Jonathan Dee's version of the controversy. "Guess I shouldn't complain too much, though; I expected a negative tilt after some of the things I've written about the New York Times over the past decade." Responds one of his critics, Patterico, to this justification, "Hahahahahahahaha."
  • 'New York Times Confirms Charles Johnson's Lunacy,' proclaims the MacRanger. "Guess it’s the sign of the end.  Moon turns to blood, Sun refuses to sign and the Ny Times writes an accurate article about a really nutty guy, Charles Johnson." He's of the mind that Johnson isn't recently mad, but rather congenitally insane: "Johnson is not so much a relevant blogger now as he is a sideshow freak, semi-amusing to watch, like watching a cornered animal try to bite it's shackles, but not much more."
  • An Open Invitation to Defend Your (Wrong) Positions  Dennis Prager responds to the piece by publishing an open letter to Johnson on, refuting Johnson's stated reasons for leaving the American right such as that conservative hatred of Obama involves racism.
When you were on the politically and morally right side, Charles, you provided massive evidence for your positions. Now you throw verbal bombs. What happened? If you would like to tell me on my radio show, you are invited to do so. I miss you.
  • I'm Not Wrong--See Your Commenters  Johnson responds to Prager by pointing to a commenter who refers to Obama as "The Kenyan"? Johnson suggests this confirms that right-wing criticism of Obama goes "into racism, hate speech, and bizarre conspiracy theories."

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