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When Osama bin Laden released his newest audiotape, which condemns the U.S. for its role in global warming, he probably did not anticipate this reception. As the world's most wanted terrorist, his tapes typically provoked rage, hatred and fear in the West. This week has been different. Earlier in the week, a similar bin Laden tape claiming responsibility for the failed Flight 253 attack was widely seen as evidence of his decline. Now, bin Laden's second message this week is generating Twitter spoofs.

Journalists and analysts are taking to Twitter with mock predictions of the al-Qaeda chief's next tape. Even serious terrorism experts are loosening up and getting in on the fun. (Laughing at terrorists is evidently on the rise, with Jihadist comedy showing at Sundance.) It seems that the man who struck fear in the hearts of Americans is only hitting our funny bones now.

  • Osama bin Hardball Middle East blogger Gregg Carlstrom, referencing Chris Matthew's indelicate declaration: "So eloquent and well-spoken, you forget he's al-Qaeda for an hour." Matthews had praised Obama's State of Union, "I forgot he was black tonight for an hour."
  • Evil Corporations Middle East analyst Colin Cookman: "next OBL tape blames WalMart for crowding out local South Waziristan small businesses"
  • Inter-Cave Netflix The American Prospect's Adam Serwer: "bin Laden wants to know when AQAP is going to send back his season 3 Buffy DVDs"
  • Team Leno Agence France-Presse's Olivier Knox predicts bin Laden taking sides in the Conan O'Brien flap: "We will stamp out the Team CoCo infidels!"
  • Death to Auditions Terrorism analyst Leah Farrall: "Bin Laden auditions for American Idol and puts a fatwa on Simon Cowell when cut down"
  • Dark Side CNN's David de Sola: "next OBL tape comes clean about Luke Skywalker's paternity"
  • How'd GOP Win MA? ABC News's Jake Tapper: "bin Laden cant believe the campaign Coakley waged in Mass"
  • Blooper Reel Twitter user Zach Peterson: "will be a bloopers reel where he can't say 'death to infidels' without totally losing it"
  • Where's The Beef? Middle East Analyst Andrew Lebovich: "On the next tape he demands to be told the location of the beef. Also works for next 24 episode"
  • Where's Waldo? Twitter user Zach Peterson: "Bil Laden describes impending jihad on Waldo, should he ever find him, God willing"
  • Everyone Loves Bono Foreign Policy's Katherine Tiedemann: "next OBL tape praises Bono's New York Times columns for originality, spunk."

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