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News of a third White House State Dinner crasher, allegedly transported to the event in a State Department van with the Indian delegation, is being greeted with markedly less amusement than was the original Salahi incident. While the hubbub around the Salahis still lingers, the half-gleeful tone is mingled with more earnest concerns.

  • 'Pretty Damn Embarrassing,' pronounces New York Magazine's Adam Raymond.
  • Not So Funny Anymore After the Flight 253 bomber, argues Glynnis MacNicol at Mediaite, "the news that there was likely a third party crasher, which might have made for a fun (ish) follow-up headline just a short month or so ago, is actually not that funny. Or at all funny."
  • Worrisome Time's Amy Sullivan thinks "the fact that the uninvited guests passed through metal detectors is only mildly reassuring in the post-24 era. We've seen Jack Bauer," she points out, "kill or maim countless baddies with whatever object happened to be close at hand. At some point, this stops looking like a few hiccups on opening night and more like a serious security breakdown."

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