Conservative Bloggers Condemn O'Keefe's NOLA Escapade

James O'Keefe became a hero of conservative media--both in the Fox News establishment and in the blogosphere--when he uncovered ACORN employees' willingness to advise him on a prostitution and tax-evasion scheme in a series of videos posted to the conservative blog Big Government. But while at least one blogger suggested it's unfortunate that O'Keefe got arrested in a noble pursuit (presumably of damaging information on Sen. Mary Landrieu), conservative bloggers on the whole are condemning O'Keefe's attempted sting in New Orleans, The Atlantic Wire's John Hudson reports.

Apparently it wasn't an attempted wiretap. According to several media outlets, a law enforcement official says O'Keefe and his alleged associates weren't trying to bug Landrieu's office, but rather to see how her staff would react to its phones being inoperable.