Who's to Blame for Ex-Gitmo Prisoners Behind Terror Plot?

Two Al Qaeda leaders behind the attempt were released detainees. Partisans go looking for a scapegoat.

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Two Al Qaeda leaders thought to be behind the Flight 253 terror plot were former Guantanamo prison, sending off a round of finger-pointing. The detainees in question were released in November 2007 to enter "an 'art therapy rehabilitation program,'" as ABC News reports. While the detainees were released under Bush, liberals have often advocated for the release of detainees as well.

  • Good One, Republicans  At left-leaning Americablog, John Aravosis suggests "Mr. Cheney will have some explaining to do." He sneers at "Republicans [who] have a problem with President Obama wanting to try suspected terrorists in US courts. Maybe if we promise the maximum sentence will be 'art therapy,' the Republicans will come on board."
  • Will Cheney Finally Go Away Now?  BarbinMD of the liberal Daily Kos wonders if Dick Cheney "will ... again be booked on Fox News to peddle more criticism of President Obama, or [if] ... this little 'oops' moment [will] mean that Dick is slithering back to his undisclosed location."
  • Don't Let This Mess Up Prisoner Release Plans  "It's inevitable," begins Jeralyn at TalkLeft, "some of the released Guantanamo detainees may become militant or revert to militantism, particularly when some were tortured and all were subjected to overly harsh interrogation methods and conditions of confinement. It's a fallacy to say most of them will. Refusing to release remaining detainees with no demonstrated ties to terrorism would be a mistake."
  • Only More of the Same Coming  "Thanks to Obama's progressive view," writes conservative blogger Dan Riehl, "we're looking to send up to 80 Gitmo detainees back to Yemen? Will we provide them with coloring books, or perhaps decoupage supplies?"
  • Thank You, Liberals  William Teach of right-wing blog Stop the ACLU openly blames liberals for the event: "If the Left weren't such raving wackjobs," he writes, apparently failing to focus on the November, 2007 date of the terrorists' release,  "... these folks would still be sitting at Club Gitmo."
  • Less Partisan Takes  Hot Air's Allahpundit doesn't let either the previous nor the current administration off the hook: "at least The One has learned from Bush's terrible folly here, right? Wrong." He wonders what Plan B should be for remaining detainees. Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs has an idea: try them in civilian court. Saying that, until now, he's been undecided on the notion, Johnson declares, "I have a lot more faith in the American criminal justice system than I do in Saudi Arabia’s 'art therapy' program."
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