Uncertainty Surrounds Suspicious Times Square Van

UPDATED: New York police have given the area an all-clear

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Update: Police have given the area the all-clear, saying the van "posed no threat," according to CNN

Vigilant after Flight 253 and preparing for the New Year's hordes, police have descended on a suspicious van parked in Times Square. The Dodge van has reportedly been parked at the same location for two days, and displays a false police identification in the front window. As police investigate, they've redirected pedestrians as buildings in the area close down. Here are the initial reactions:

  • Shibani Joshi, a Fox News Reporter: "Later guys...nasdaq being evacuated b/c of suspicious car/pkg near by....im leaving my post"
  • Al Baker, reporting on an attorney's reaction for the New York Times: "If it wasn't New Year's and it wasn't Times Square and if everything hadn't happened in Detroit, this would be a lot easier to swallow."
  • Colby Hall, writing for Mediate: "It's 2001 all over again. Details are sketchy, but a source who is on staff at a Condé Nast title tells Mediaite their Times Square building has just been evacuated."
  • Gabriel Sherman, contributor for New York Magazine. "Conde Nast staffers at 4 Times Square just told to evacuate building. Reasons still unclear...talk of a suspicious package in truck."
  • Caleb Howe, blogger for Red State: "I don't understand. The van has been on air for over ten minutes. Shouldn't we be blaming rabid anti-government tea party talk radio by now?"
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