The Invisible Primary, 12/17

Tracking the GOP race to 2012

After keynoting a fundraiser for New Hampshire state Senate Republicans last night in Concord, Tim Pawlenty met privately with some prominent New Hampshire Republicans over dinner; Pawlenty says he doesn't know if he'll run for president in 2012; Haley Barbour compared health reform to Jonestown; RuPaul poked fun at Sarah Palin's book cover; a USA Today/Gallup poll shows Palin still viewed more unfavorably than favorably by most Americans, but her numbers improved slightly; Arnold Schwarzenegger continued his feud with Sarah Palin, accusing the former Alaska governor of "living in the stone age" with her doubts over anthropogenic global warming; and Palin blacked out "McCain fore President" on a visor she wore on vacation, prompting some to wonder if she doesn't support McCain (Palin said she does, apologized if people had taken it the wrong way, and said she was trying to go "incognito" in Hawaii).