Steele Strikes A (Ridiculous) Pose With Interns

Several poses, actually. Wonkette has found some imaginatively posed photos of Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele with RNC interns, presumably souvenirs for their internship experience (it's commonplace on Capitol Hill, for instance, for interns to get a photo with the lawmaker they worked for, though typically they're group photos). The full sets are hosted at, here and here.

As a strong supporter of humorous photo taking and face-making, I count this as a win for Steele...though perhaps not in Washington, which is generally dubious of Steele's self-styled hipness and gregarious persona. I can, in fact, confirm that Democratic staffers have had a laugh at it (stress "at," vs. "with").

Odell states that unauthorized distribution of its photos is prohibited, so I won't paste them below, but highlights can be found here, here, here, here, and here...and a fist-bump here. Vote for your favorite in the comments section, if so inclined.

UPDATE 2: TalkingPointsMemo has a gallery of the best photos.

UPDATE: Odell Photos has locked the page. Bending my earlier pledge not to's what Wonkette has already grabbed and distributed, via screen-capture, from the site, making this the only publicly accessible remnant. The other photos were much, much better, including one of Steele and an intern crouching and pointing to the camera, another of Steele and an intern pointing off into the distance, and more. This being a capture of the thumbnails page, it's only a passing glimpse.

Steele photos.jpg