Schwarzenegger: Obama Gets an 'A'

The California governor gushes about Obama

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On any issue save (perhaps) the war in Afghanistan, it's a safe bet that Republican officials aren't about to to gush about President Obama. Nevertheless, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided the sitting Democratic president "should get a straight A" for effort after his first year. He also called the president a "great speaker, a great communicator" and told him to "hang in there ... be tough, just continue on."

Even for the eccentric Californian governor, this is a stretch: "Heck," writes one startled blogger, "even the megalomaniac himself could only come up with a 'solid B+' and that was met with widespread derision," writes one. "Jesus christ dude," jokes Sara Smith at D.C. humor site Wonkette. "Not even actual libtards like Obama that much these days. Clearly the governor is angling for an administration job, which he'll accept once he's finished gay marrying the entire state of California."

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