Sarah Palin, Friend To Bowling

Sarah Palin will keynote the Bowling Proprietors' Association Of America's (BPAA) International Bowl Expo 2010 trade show at the Las Vegas Hilton in June, and here's what the group's executive director, Stephen Johnson, had to say about it, for which he's already received some ribbing from The Huffington Post:

"Sarah Palin is a great friend to the bowling industry and we're so proud and honored to welcome her as our keynote speaker at International Bowl Expo 2010," said Steven Johnson, executive director of the BPAA. "Regardless of your political affiliation, Ms. Palin is a force in American politics and culture. Her presence underscores the impact and importance of bowling, one of our country's leading national pastimes and a growing $10 billion industry."

BPAA won't say what it's paying Palin for the appearance, but $100,000 is an educated guess: Palin miffed some Iowa activists in October when she asked for six figures to speak at an Iowa Family Policy Center event.

Maybe Palin wants to cozy up to bowlers to make herself look good in comparison to President Obama, who, we found out during the 2008 campaign, is terrible at bowling: