Palin's Visor Ignites Media Firestorm, Ruins Vacation

She blotted out John McCain's name to go "incognito," but claims the fracas has forced her to come home early

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The media's Sarah Palin obsession took a turn toward the trivial this week when online tabloid TMZ published a beach photo showing Palin in a McCain campaign visor with McCain's name blacked out in permanent marker. Political junkies took this as a goofy sign of a Palin-McCain rift, which she denied in a statement to Politico. She claimed McCain's name was blotted because she wanted to go "incognito," while on vacation, which she is now cutting short because of the flap:

Todd and I have since cut our vacation short because the incognito attempts didn't work and fellow vacationers were bothered for the two days we spent in the sun. So much for trying to go incognito.'

Did this end the discussion? Not even close. Here's a taste of the ensuing media commentary:

  • Palin's Lying! writes Huffington Post Editor Roy Sekoff on the Joy Behar Show: "I don't [believe her], because her t-shirt said 'this is America and if you don't love it, get the hell out'... so that's always a good way to be incognito." Sarah Jones at Politicususa adds, "Psst! It would have been a lot easier to be incognito on the private part of the beach, there, Sarah. Just sayin.'"

Meanwhile, George Stephanopoulos had a field day with the story at his new home at Good Morning America. He and news anchor Juju Chang contemplated the issue and it even spilled over into their weather segment:

Stephanopoulos: [Laughing]: Trying to be incognito? Okay. That'll do it.
Chang: Apparently there were no other hats to be found.
Roberts: Hmmm! Time, now, for the weather. And Sam Champion. Good morning, Sam.
Sam Champion: Every shop on the beach in Hawaii sells visors for about $5.99. Every one.
Roberts: Just saying.
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