Palin's Banned Blogger List

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Talking Points Memo has procured a copy of Sarah Palin's banned blogger list, which shot into the spotlight last week when two Alaska bloggers were denied access to Palin's Wasilla book-signing (Atlantic Wire coverage here). The document names three people for banning--two bloggers and a photojournalist--and establishes Todd Palin as the point person for media control. Liberals and the banned journalists themselves are having a field day.

  • From a Banned Blogger  Shannyn Moore, named on the list, is amused. "I wasn't even there!" She exclaims, referring to the book event. "Nor did I have any plans to show up for someone signing a book she didn't write, that is chock-full of open and transparent lies!" Moore writes that "it must have killed [Todd Palin] to put Dennis Zaki on the banned list," claiming Todd Palin had often fed the journalist tips on his wife's enemies "back in the day."Also, "I'm not sure what Todd didn't want us to see," she adds. "All the people getting their H1N1 vaccinations? Or maybe the Obama/Hitler pamphlets being handed out? Whatever it could have been, it wouldn't have been as big a deal as censorship."
  • 'The Real Diva Is Todd'  Gawker's Azaria Jagger acknowledges that the fourth person banned--allegedly added to the list on the day of the Wasilla book-signing--is "admittedly a bit off her rocker." As for the formerly favored journalist now booted out of the Palin camp, she writes, "the Palin's vendettas are based solely on perceived threats; personal history and indebtedness don't hold a candle to their sense of righteous indignation."
  • What a Threat  "Apparently," Barbin MD quips at Daily Kos, "there were fears that someone might ask Palin what newspapers she reads."
  • Not as Bad as Van Halen  The rock band, points out Glynnis MacNicol at Mediaite, "famously demanded all the brown M&M's be removed from their dressing rooms ... Sarah Palin invokes no such demands in her Going Rogue rider." So perhaps the former governor "is not a diva" after all.
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