Palin 'Birther' Remark Reopens Trig Speculation

Andrew Sullivan, tireless Palin critic, wants answers

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Sarah Palin's remark that inquiries into President Obama's birth record are "fair game" has come full circle. Now one of her most tireless critics, The Atlantic's Andrew Sullivan, is reasserting his request for the birth records of her son, Trig. Sullivan has long questioned whether or not Palin is Trig's biological mother. Meanwhile, bloggers are flocking to defend or excoriate her:

  • Vindication--Now Let's See the Trig Evidence, writes Andrew Sullivan at The Atlantic: "The news here is that, to her credit, Palin says that all inquiries into a candidate's veracity, record, associations, and medical history are legitimate forms of inquiry. She therefore backs this blog's near-solitary attempt to get her to provide evidence - after very serious questions of fact emerged - that she was indeed the biological mother of Trig. To all those Palinites and McCainiacs and right and left bloggers who decried this question as lunatic, Palin has now said she differs. They were more Palinite than Palin."
  • No One Should Be Surprised By Palin's Comment,  says liberal writer Paul Thornton at The Los Angeles Times: "I have to ask: Is the fact that Palin uttered something so nutty really surprising? At this point, our ability to feel taken aback by anything Palin does (barring some kind of Arianna Huffington-esque political conversion) is pretty worn out. She could come out and say the Earth is 10,000 years old, that gays can be 'cured,' that the president pals around with terrorists or that some parts of the country are more 'pro-America' than others (correction: the last two she actually said). We'd roll our eyes and perhaps indulge in the guilty pleasure that comes with feeling a little less small-minded those who seek power. But surprised?"
  • Giver Her a Break, She's Got a Good Sense of Humor, writes conservative blogger Dan Riehl: "It gave me a chuckle more than anything. It does say a lot about Sarah Palin and why people like her so much.  She's candid, honest and unafraid. Those are extremely rare qualities in politicians these days. She's really just making a few simple points that are undeniably true."
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