No Salahis On The Hill

The House Homeland Security Committee's hearing on the White House party-crashers breach is getting underway (webcast here), but neither the Salahis nor Desiree Rogers, the White House social secretary, are there, meaning Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan was the only scheduled witness to show up.

The Salahis' lawyer indicated to the committee yesterday that the two wouldn't appear, forcing a subpoena if the committee wants them to appear (which Chairman Bennie Thompson assured he is prepared to issue). The White House cited "separation of powers" in excusing Rogers, who was called by the Republican side of the committee, from the hearing.

A discussion of a subpoena for the Salahis should occur today, according to a committee aide. No word on how quickly a subpoena could get issued, or whether Thompson plans to call any other witnesses to testify (Michelle Jones, the Pentagon official who emailed with the Salahis, or additional Secret Service officials might have some interesting things to say).