Morning Vid: Al Franken Slaps Down Lieberman, Blogosphere Explodes

Liberals revel in the moment of cathartic hilarity, conservatives are appalled

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Liberals haven't been too happy with Sen. Joe Lieberman, whose opposition to health care reform contributed to the death of the public option. So it was perhaps on their behalf that Sen. Al Franken played a little parliamentary prank on Lieberman:

The move inspired liberals to revel in the moment of cathartic hilarity and conservatives, including Sen. John McCain, to scoff in disgust. In brief, here are the liberals:

  • Matthew Yglesias on "Al Franken's dose of petty vengeance": "I approve."
  • Time's Karen Tumulty: "Why God Invented C-Span"
  • Wonkette's Jim Newell: "Here's a brief respite of procedural porn & violence for the very sad American Left."
  • Gawker's Adrian Chen, who says to "live vicariously" through Franken: "It's telling that the most thrilling part of the health care reform debate thus far has been one senator telling another senator to stop talking about health care reform."
  • Open Left's Chris Bowers: "Instead of yelling at each other, watch Franken shut Lieberman down. It will make you feel a little better."
  • American Prospect's Tim Fernholz: "Al Franken is really becoming a hell of a Senator."
  • Media Matters's Jamison Foser: "Republicans really can't whine about not being given extra time when they're pulling stunts like reading amendments [for several hours on the Senate floor]" Foser added, "Dear media know-nothings: Franken/Lieberman 'story' is tempest in teapot."
  • Washington Independent's David Weigel recalls the Franken-Lieberman ticket detailed in Franken's novel.

Here are the conservatives:

  • Ann Althouse on "Al Franken's dick move": "So... should we boycott Minnesota?"
  • Michelle Malkin on "Franken's little snit fit": "Call it nutroots red meat. Or blue meat."
  • Weekly Standard's Mary Katherine Ham: "Keep it classy, Al."
  • Powerline's Paul Mirengoff: "A clown's impression of seriousness"
  • National Review's Daniel Foster: "Don't get us started."
  • RedState's James Richardson: "Either Senator Franken strictly adheres to Leadership direction, or the junior senator from Minnesota had a substantial axe to grind with Lieberman for taking 'hostage' substantive health care reform. I'm willing to bet it's the latter."
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