More Liberal Backlash: MoveOn To Protest At White House

President Obama came into office with the backing of progressives, but they are not happy about the recent developments in health care, and they plan to show it: will host a protest outside the White House at 1 p.m. today calling on Obama to oppose a compromise with Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) on health reform.

Cutting a deal with Lieberman would mean dropping the Senate bill's provision to let 55-64 year-olds buy into Medicare. Politico reported yesterday that the White House has urged Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to make such a deal.

The stated mission of the protest is to remind Obama that the country elected him, not Lieberman, to fix health care. (Exit polls, by the way, showed health care as the top concern of voters in the 2008 presidential race--so they may have a point). From MoveOn's press release:

Today, members will hold an emergency rally outside of the White House telling President Obama to not allow Senator Joe Lieberman to hold health care reform hostage, and to urge the President to fight for real reform with the public health insurance option. MoveOn members want to remind the President that the country elected him, not Joe Lieberman, to fix our nation's broken health care system.