Karl Rove's Divorce Attracts Attacks

"Marriage defender" cuts the knot, and backlash is swift and harsh

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After 24 years of marriage, Karl Rove, the political mastermind of George W. Bush's presidency, has divorced his wife Darby in Texas. The family spokeswoman announced the separation with the family's request "that its privacy be respected."

Unfortunately for Rove, the plea for privacy has fallen on deaf ears. His detractors, especially those who detest his opposition to gay marriage, are having a field day. Here are the snarkiest scoldings fluttering about the blogosphere:

  • KA at Truthdig: "Insert any number of right-wing family values and/or sanctity of marriage jokes here."
  • Lindsay Robertson at New York Magazine: "Karl Rove: The GOP's New Most-Eligible Bachelor... [His] dating profile can be found at turd_blossom.eharmony.com."
  • Ken Layne at Wonkette: "Everything about America is 100% awesome. Make your 'now he can gay-marry Jeff Gannon in DC' jokes in the comments and the Circle of Life will be complete."
  • Jeralyn at Talk Left: "Maybe he just thinks he'll sell more books as a single man."
  • Andrew Sullivan at The Atlantic: "To be fair, his long-running coordinated attempt to deny others the right to any civil marriage at all was only a means to an end - using fear to win elections.... Rove isn't a homophobe in private by all accounts; he just knows how to exploit the fears of those who are."
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