Huckabee Not Damaged By Clemmons Controversy?

Via Taegan Goddard, it looks like Mike Huckabee's popularity has not been damaged by his commutation of Maurice Clemmons' prison sentence, brought to light after the Washington police murders.

Public Policy Polling's monthly 2012 survey, to be released Thursday, will show Huckabee's favorability rating at 35% favorable/35% unfavorable, essentially the same as his 36/37 split last month. PPP's Tom Jensen announced the finding on its blog today.

Jensen says the Clemmons commutation will be a "massive liability" for Huckabee if he gets into the 2012 race. I'm less convinced, but, with 2012 so far away, Huckabee isn't facing the kind of attacks over it that he might during a primary battle with lots of candidates and interest groups fighting amongst each other. Then again, Sarah Palin has already called it a "horrible decision."