Happy Hour Video: Levi Johnston and Andrew Sullivan Chat Up Joy Behar

Andrew gets a "lefty gift basket" and Levi dishes about his gay fans

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Today we faced wariness and skepticism in Iraq, interrogated Afghanistan war leaders, saw Obama's jobs speech picked apart, pondered a replacement for the public option, pardoned Mike Huckabee and more. Now it's time to rewind and unwind with a happy hour video--a visual after-work (or mid-work) cocktail. This evening's is a very special Joy Behar show, with Behar interviewing Levin Johnston and Andrew Sullivan about Sarah Palin. The title of the segment is "Levi Johnston Unwrapped: The Naked Truth."

At one point, Behar declares Johnston a "gay icon."

Behar: You realize that you're a gay icon now.
Johnston: I do
Johnston: I haven't ever seen a gay guy in Wasilla, I don't think.
Behar: You've never seen a gay guy? Look around they're all over here.
Johnston: Once I started doing all these tours and everything. You know I just--they're people too. It doesn't matter to me. More fans, that's great.

Here's Andrew Sullivan's appearance, after Johnston's. At the end, Behar gives him a "lefty gift basket." Andrew recounts the experience here.

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