Giuliani To Clean Up Rio?

Rudy Giuliani has been hired as a long-term security adviser to help Rio de Janeiro clean up its crime rates before the 2016 Olympics. He cleaned up New York, and took hefty criticism from liberals for his tactics...but for politics, this may mean Giuliani has taken his eye off it. The New York Daily News suggested in November that Giuliani would run for Senate in 2010 and, if elected, possibly seek the White House in 2012. That now seems less likely, but if he saw political opportunity open, Giuliani could always abandon the Brazilian gig.

So what do people think of this? Over at The Atlantic Wire, Mara Gay reports that pundits, bloggers and reporters see a difficult task ahead for Giuliani, and cause for concern for Rio's poor. As First Read's Mark Murray recommends, just watch "City of God."