Fire Joe Lieberman's Wife!

The right skewers Jane Hamsher for picking on Hadassah Lieberman

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First they came for Joe Lieberman. Then they came for... Lieberman's wife? Progressives have been furious with the Connecticut senator for opposing a public option and, in recent days, that anger has been redirected toward his wife, Hadassah Lieberman. The attack has been spearheaded by Jane Hamsher, publisher of the liberal Web site Fire Dog Lake. Hamsher wants Ms. Lieberman fired from her position as Global Ambassador for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation because she used to consult for large pharmaceutical companies. Conservatives are furious with Hamsher for attacking a "private citizen" who's dedicating her time to fighting breast cancer:

  • Leave the Family Out of It, says Bill O'Reilly at Fox News: "For 13 years, I have been personally attacked by the far left. They never stop. But I'm on the front lines. There's no excuse for attacking Hadassah Lieberman. It's just sickening. All the woman's trying to do is help people with cancer. Personal attacks have no place in public discourse period. And attacks on families are unacceptable."
  • Hamsher Is the Anti-Feminist, writes Kathleen Parker in The Washington Post: "Whether one agrees with Sen. Lieberman's opposition to certain elements of the Senate health-care bill is a matter of legitimate debate.... But again, what has any of this to do with his wife's work for a nonprofit organization that has raised breast cancer awareness and saved countless lives around the world? There is no conflict of interest unless you think that a wife should stay home and be her husband's silent partner. In that light, the attack on Hadassah Lieberman has been fantastically anti-feminist."

  • The Far Left's Rising Menace, writes Stage Right at Big Hollywood: "Hamsher seems to have finally found her calling as a more abrasive, and dangerous version of Arianna Huffington... she has created a left-wing haven for bloggers not merely content with attacking their opponents with words, but with some serious action.
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