Democrats Go After a Handful Of Republicans For Financial Regulation Vote

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is going after a handful of Republican lawmakers who voted against the Democratic financial regulation reform package last week, airing radio ads in five districts, held by Reps. Dan Lungren (CA), Mary Bono Mack (CA), Lee Terry (NE), Charlie Dent (PA), and Joe Wilson (SC).

"Congressman [X] voted to let Wall Street continue the same risky practices that crippled retirement accounts and left taxpayers on the hook for $700 billion dollars," the ads say.

The DCCC says it plans to target a total of a dozen House Republicans who voted against the bill with a broader campaign that includes robocalls, live phone calls, and emails to district residents.

No Republican voted in favor of the bill: 175 voted against it, while two didn't vote. All but 23 Democrats supported it.

Americans were outraged by the economic crisis and the bailouts and executive bonuses that ensued, and, while conservatives turned their rage on the Obama administration's auto bailouts and plans for health care reform, the DCCC is hoping that economic populism cuts both ways--and that voting against a landmark package of restrictions on Wall Street will hurt Republicans in an anti-fat-cat era.