DCCC To Republicans Districts: Thank The Stimulus For Your Jobs

Conventional wisdom around the 2010 midterms says that some Democrats in conservative districts will be in trouble, to some extent because of the Obama economic agenda that has riled up conservatives across the country.

But the flip side is this: to the extent that jobs have been created by that agenda, it's a bragging point for Democrats.

In that light, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is embracing the stimulus--a DCCC official said candidates would be encouraged to talk about it--and the Congressional Budget Office report that between 600,000 and 1.6 million jobs have been created or saved by the massive bill.

The DCCC sent out a press release to 61 Republican-held districts today, promoting President Obama's jobs summit and reminding voters that if Republicans had had their way, the stimulus wouldn't have passed--and, despite all the government spending, those stimulus jobs wouldn't be there.

"Given the overwhelming evidence that the Recovery package is working, Representative John Boehner needs to answer for the fact that if he had his way up to 1.6 million more Americans would be out of work today," said DCCC press secretary Ryan Rudominer is quoted in the release. "It's long past time for Representative Boehner to put Main Street before Wall Street and start working across party lines to put Americans back to work."

If Democrats are going to get hit by conservatives for their economic agenda, they may as well reap the political benefits of whatever jobs it has yielded.