Coulter Takes a Potshot at McCain

Coulter compares a Tiger Woods mistress to her rival Republican pundit

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Conservative dauphine Meghan McCain has ascended to the top rung of Republican pundits, but some of her fiercest detractors have come from the right. There are a few big reasons: She advocates gay marriage and bashes abstinence. She posted a racy photo of herself on her Twitter account. And she doesn't hesitate to whallop fellow travelers on the right, famously picking a fight with Ann Coulter in March.

Coulter threw fuel onto their feud this past weekend, joking on a late-night Fox News show that McCain resembled one of Tiger Woods's self-declared mistresses named Jamie Jungers. Fox played a pre-recorded interview clip of Jungers revealing details of her affair, to which Coulter then responded:

"Wait, Meghan McCain had an affair with Tiger?"

Other panel members chuckled and giggled. Later, Coulter reiterated the resemblance to ombudsman Andy Levy, sending the panel squabbling.

LEVY: Ann, you're as obsessed with Meghan McCain as the left is with Sarah Palin.
COULTER: Thank You
LEVY: So what's going on?
COULTER: Did you see the picture of that woman, it looked like Meghan McCain.
LEVY: It did
COULTER: Ok, well this whole table agreed...

McCain has yet to fire back.

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