Big Three Missing From Moral Suasion Meeting

The White House says that three CEOS -- the CEOS of the Big Three, actually -- Lloyd Blankfein, Dick Parsons, and John Mack, will miss today's moral suasion meeting with the president, Valerie Jarrett, Rahm Emanuel and other top advisers. Here's a list of other attendees, followed by a brief description of the politicians they've given money to, if any. Note that, in general, the pattern of contributions from the banking industry has been relatively constant, with Republican candidates receiving more contributions than Democrats -- although not by much.

Ken Chenault, President and CEO, American Express -- $$ to Baucus, Schumer and Obama (in '03)

Richard Davis, Chairman, President, and CEO, US Bancorp -- NONE

Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO, JP Morgan Chase -- informally advised Obama and McCain during campaign

Richard Fairbank, Chairman and CEO, Capital One -- $$ to Dodd, mostly Republicans

Bob Kelly, Chairman and CEO, Bank of New York Mellon -- $$ to DSCC

Ken Lewis, President and CEO, Bank of America -- NONE

Ron Logue, Chairman and CEO, State Street Bank -- $$ to Bush in 2004

Gregory Palm, Executive Vice President and Chief Counsel, Goldman Sachs -- NONE

Jim Rohr, Chairman and CEO, PNC -- NONE

John Stumpf, President and CEO, Wells Fargo -- $$ to Baucus, Sununu, McCain