Would Palin Matter If She Were a Man?

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With Sarah Palin kicking off a press tour for her new book, "Going Rogue," few televisions and computer screens will be able to escape images of the stylishly bespectacled conservative. But would the Palin blitz attract so much attention if she were a man? Palin's onslaught drew this question from Emily Yoffe, who puts it this way: "If Sarah Palin were Sam Palin, would anyone still be interested in her?"

Dan Quayle was a good-looking, young, conservative, politician, who, in his roll-out as a vice-presidential candidate, impressed everyone as being a dope who was in over his head ... He is little remembered and has blessedly slipped out of public life"

Yoffe hopes that Palin will go the same way: "Here we are talking about her and what her political future holds. Oblivion, I hope."

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