'Twilf,' 'Gun-Ho,' and Sarah Palin

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If you thought insulting Sarah Palin in print riles up her followers, wait till you see what happens in animation. Last week, Current TV aired a satirical cartoon mocking this summer's "birther" and Tea Party movements. The plot revolves around an infected lab-monkey that escapes captivity and spreads the discredited "birther" belief that Barack Obama was born in Kenya—not Hawaii. The episode takes aim at a number of conservative figures including Fox News hosts Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck. But a jibe directed at Sarah Palin has caused the most controversy.

The cartoon features the former Alaska governor typing on her Twitter account under the name "Gun-Ho." In another scene she's the topic of a fake NBC Nightly News segment titled "Twilf?"

Noel Sheppard, at the conservative media watchdog group News Busters, excoriates the network and one of its owners, former Vice President Al Gore:

In the end, this was just a lot of conservative bashing in very bad taste, especially the shot of Palin's Twitter page and her astonishingly offensive screen name "Gun-Ho" This appears to either be a take on the acronym MILF with the "TW" standing for "Twitterer," or an urban dictionary reference way too disgusting to address.

Regardless, is that what a former Vice President and Nobel Laureate believes is acceptable to call a former Governor and vice presidential candidate?

Similarly incensed, conservative blogger Don Surber adds:

This was not a slip of a tongue but rather as part of a cartoon. Al Gore should apologize. He is responsible for his television network. He should live up to that Grammy-Oscar-Nobel thingy he won. His network has lowered the political discussion.

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