The Rundown, 11/6

It's Unemployment Day in America, as the Labor Department's Bureau of Labor statistics will deliver the (probably bad) numbers on unemployment this morning, with the figure expected to rise slightly from the 9.8 percent reported last month...possibly even to break into double digits.

Which would make today a good time for the president to offer some sort of relief to the economically strapped nation...and, coincidentally, he's expected to do just that. The House passed an extension of unemployment benefits yesterday, and President Obama is expected to sign it today. Call it a silver lining.

He'll also trek down Pennsylvania Ave. to the Capitol, where he'll meet with House Democrats to talk about health reform. Democrats have been counting votes over the past week, looking for the magic number of 218, and the House is expected to vote on Speaker Nancy Pelosi's health reform bill on Saturday.

Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, will reconvene with her old network of supporters at the first annual public policy conference hosted by non-political group founded by her former political supporters after the 2008 campaign, not to be confused with Dirty South rap factory No Limit Records, formed by Master P. She'll address a crowd at the Ronald Reagan building on Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington, DC.

The House will consider legislation to give the Homeland Security secretary modified authorities to protect against terrorist attacks on chemical facilities, and the newest member of the House of Representatives, Rep.-elect Bill Owens (D), will get sworn in following his upset win over conservative darling Doug Hoffman in New York's 23rd district Tuesday night.