The Rundown, 11/18

Get ready for (potentially) a big day for health care: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid could unveil his final health care bill today, as he awaits more analysis from the Congressional Budget Office. Once the CBO releases a score of the bill, the all-important number will help determine its fate.

And, these days, not a day goes by without Sarah Palin news: today she'll launch her book-signing tour with an appearance at a Barnes & Noble in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

CNN will air a taped interview with President Obama from Beijing, and the president will take off for the final leg of his Asia trip--Seoul, South Korea--this afternoon...but not without getting in a visit to the Great Wall first. It's his first trip to China--how could he not?

Congress will look at the Ft. Hood shootings today during a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and, just a few days after his big decision on 9/11 suspects, Attorney General Eric Holder will be at the Capitol for a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on oversight of the Justice Dept.