The Rundown, 11/17

The Sarah Palin media frenzy really kicks into high gear today: her book is finally published. If your morning commute takes near a Barnes & Noble, we suggest you stay home.

Palin won't be signing books just yet (her signing tour starts tomorrow in Grand Rapids, Michigan) but her second major sit-down interview--a session with Barbara Walters--will air on Good Morning America this morning, and on other ABC news programs later in the day.

President Obama is still in China, and, after yesterday's town-hall meeting, things are getting serious: he'll sit down for a private meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao today in Beijing. Topics of discussion are expected to include North Korea, currency, and trade disputes...but, it wouldn't be too surprising if they touched on Obama's comment that he's "a big supporter of noncensorship" (made at the town-hall), or the gigantic debt the U.S. owes to Hu's country.

He'll also make a joint press statement with Hu, tour the Forbidden City (cool), meet with U.S. embassy employees, and attend a state dinner.

Bankers beware: the House Judiciary Committee will look at "too big to fail," and ways to reform bankruptcy and antitrust law when it comes to massive banks that can jeopardize the U.S. economy by taking on too much risk, while the Senate Judiciary Committee holds a hearing on cybersecurity.