The Palin Crowds

Sarah Palin has been drawing massive crowds to her book signing events--averaging over 1,000 people per stop on the "Going Rogue" tour, with fans camping out, overnight and in the cold, for the chance to meet her.

This morning, over 1,000 people were reportedly waiting for Palin an hour before her scheduled appearance at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. It's the fourth consecutive stop that has drawn over 1,000 people, according to news reports.

In fact, all but one of her stops have drawn over 1,000, according to local news reports, even with local bookstores distributing wristbands to limit entrants, often capping Palin's signings at 1,000.

That one sub-1,000 stop occurred in Columbus, Ohio on Friday, where the local Borders store cut back on admissions at the behest of Palin's staff, offering only 500 wristbands for entrance, according to 10TV News. Palin stepped outside to greet the crowd at one point, 10TV reported, and the crowd-swell forced her security detail to usher her back inside.

Some Palin fans, meanwhile, grew angry when they were turned away after waiting all day (with wristbands to admit them) at a Borders in Noblesville, Indiana. A YouTube video shows fans booing Palin, and one compares Palin's signing event to her "quitting on the job" as governor of Alaska.

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But so far, news sources have reported at least 9,900 fans having gathered to see Palin at her 10 signing events across the country (guessing at 700 for the Columbus event).

For a full list of Palin's tour, see the first-half list here and the second-half list here, both available on her Facebook page. She has 22 more stops scheduled.

Here's a list of her signing events thus far and the news stories that reported on them, including attendance figures:

Grand Rapids, Michigan: approximately 2,000 people

Ft. Wayne, Indiana: over 1,000 people

Noblesville, Indiana: over 1,000 people

Cincinnati, Ohio: approximately 1,200 people

Columbus, Ohio: over 500 (only 500 wristbands, "hundreds" were turned away)

, Pennsylvania: almost 1,000 people

, New York: over 1,000 people

, Virginia: over 1,000 people

Fort Bragg
, North Carolina (this morning): over 1,000 people