The DNC Pre-Spins...

From a Democratic National Committee e-mail, about the relevance of tonight's results:

NRCC Talking Point: "The 2001 Off-Year Elections Have No Bearing On Next Year's Mid-Term Elections. These Races Revolved Around Local Issues And Local Candidates. There Were No Discernable National Trends." NRCC Talking Points: "The 2001 off-year elections have no bearing on next year's mid-term elections. These races revolved around local issues and local candidates. There were no discernable national trends." [Hotline, 11/7/01]

RNC Comm. Director: "It's Laughable To Suggest That This Has Any National Implications." Hotline noted that, GOPers "downplayed the two defeats." RNC comm. dir. Trent Duffy: "It's laughable to suggest that this has any national implications." [Chicago Tribune, 11/7/01]
"A Bush Political Adviser Says The Current Campaigns [For Governor In Virginia And New Jersey] Turn On Local Issues, While National Conditions Will Color Next Year's Results." The Wall Street Journal reported that, "Republicans say a Democratic sweep of the off-year races for Virginia and New Jersey governors andNew York City mayor wouldn't presage next year's crucial midterm elections to control Congress. A Bush political adviser says the current campaigns turn on local issues, while national conditions will color next year's results." [Wall Street Journal, 11/2/01]
Republican Pollster: "Giver How Sour The Economy Is And Given How Sour Some Of The Leading Economic Indicators Have Gone...I Think It Speaks To The President's Strengths That His Approval Ratings Are Still Up There." Gannett reported that, "'Given how sour the economy is and given how sour some of the leading economic indicators have gone, and how sour many Americans feel about their own personal well-being and the depletion of their personal portfolios, they haven't shot the messenger yet,' said Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway. 'I think it speaks to the president's strengths that his approval ratings are still up there.'" [Gannett, 8/31/01]

Republicans "Downplayed Any Larger Symbolism In The Races, Insisting They Represented 'Personal Triumphs,"...But Were Not a Repudiation Of Bush Or Republican Policies." CQ reported that, "Republicans 'downplayed any larger symbolism in the races, insisting they represented "personal triumphs" for Mark Warner in Virginia and James E. McGreevey in New Jersey, but were not a repudiation of Bush or Republican policies.'" [CQ, 11/7/01]